Isabela Keski-Frantti

Isabela Keski-Frantti facilitates a wide range of groups – working with women, girls, boys and teenagers. As a dynamic facilitator, Isabela brings Nature’s wisdom through a creative process and through sharing in the Sacred Circle. Her background is in Psychology and Holistic Counselling, with a focus on Jungian Feminine Psychology (stories, myths and archetypes). Isabela’s work is enriched with her knowledge and experience in marine conservation, deep ecology, wildlife photography, psychodrama, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Sacred Circle Dances.

Isabela has been a Sacred Circle Dance facilitator for over 15 years. She has learnt from three main masters of Circle Dance who have their unique styles in teaching. Having been initiated in these dances by a Brazilian Shaman, Rhavina, Isabela also experienced shamanic teachings for over 7 years while living in Brazil. Isabela’s Sacred Circle Dance teacher in Australia, Sheila Casteleign, started the original Sacred Circle Dance group in the Tweed Valley, Daughters of the Goddess, over 20 years ago. Sheila is Isabela’s mentor. Isabela has also learnt Sacred Dances from traditional indigenous people and African descendant dancers in Brazil. She has facilitated various workshops in Brazil and here in Australia – Tweed Valley and Crystal Castle. At the moment Isabela is co-facilitating a series of Sacred Circle Dance workshops based on the stories from Clarissa Pinkola’s book Women Who Run with the Wolves.

Isabela’s circles and groups’ themes always reflect aspects of Nature. Two of the groups she runs are Natural Wisdom – circle sessions for Year 5 girls about Nature’s cycles, and Bird Clan – a program about bird life for Year 1 Boys.  She also does Rites of Passage for youth, Mothers and Daughters, and is involved with the solstice and equinox celebrations in the Women’s Circle she belongs to – Goddesses of the Shining Light. Passionate about her community, Isabela engages local families and groups in activities and events to care for the Earth and each other. Isabela’s dedicated work and commitment to the marine mammals inspires and empowers others to join her and use their gifts to care for the marine life. Together they travel to encounter some of these amazing beings in a most respectful way, particularly whales and dolphins, life changing experiences.

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