Herstory of Being Woman...

The concept for this event originally began as Woman Spirit Festival.  Supported and yearned for by the women from The Joining, it was re-birthed it as Being Woman… in 2005.

From there it has grown into the powerful event that it is today.

The significance of the ellipses (…) in the title “Being Woman …” resulted from the Women’s brainstorming of how we can include ALL aspects of being a Woman?

With the addition of the ellipses, we include every possible expression of Woman, e.g. Being Woman changing a tyre, Being Woman working in the corporate world, Being Woman in the bedroom, Being Woman raising children, Being Woman feeling, Being Woman healing, Being Woman nurturing and all other aspects of being a Woman.


The Lotus Flower

In 2007 the Being Woman … Committee incorporated the Lotus Flower within our Logo.

The Lotus Flower was chosen because of its deep symbology. The flower emerges from muddy ponds and blossoms into something beautiful. As a result, the flower is used to symbolise the human spirit in various ways. Lotus flowers symbolise a person’s ability to overcome obstacles in life.

Cultures around the world embrace the essence of Lotus Flowers:  Ancient Egyptians used the lotus to symbolise the sun and rebirth; In Buddhism, lotus flowers mean purity of speech, mind and body – rising above the waters of desire and attachment; In Hinduism, they symbolise prosperity, beauty, fertility and eternal youth; In Indian culture, the lotus has long been used as a symbol of knowledge, fruitfulness and learning.

In modern cultures, lotus flowers are still used with their ancient meanings of purity and perfection, along with reinterpretations of those meanings, such as new beginnings and the potential for inner growth and transformational change. Very Good Company is committed to sustainable culture and ecology, the relationship between the two, and finding ways of living that lead us towards the development of a conscious culture, one which strengthens the connections with each other and the Earth.

Being Woman - Created by Women, for Women

Healing and transformation...

Since 2005 Being Woman… has intimately supported the healing and transformation of hundreds of women.

This healing and transformation ripples out to their family members, friends, colleagues and connections – ultimately contributing to the upliftment of consciousness and humanity.

We look forward to you joining us for Being Woman... 2020

Being Woman - Created by Women, for Women

Being Woman - March 6-9, 2020