Get Your Goddess On

With Darshna Siva

A sacred circle of woman coming together to connect deeply with their goddess energy, using the archetypes of the 4 Vedic goddesses Kali, Durga, Laxshmi and Saraswati we will get our goddess energy bubbling with creativity.

It is through these empowering archetypes we will reclaim our sacred selves and power to understand how we are creators, with each one there are distinct characteristics that we can connect to, as well as chants to help shift into the energy of their power.

Kali is the mother of destruction; she mirrors Shiva in the feminine form and has the power to dissolve/destroy our limitations and disempowerment. She cuts through the cords of energy that hold us in lack or fear.

Durga is the mother who is the fierce protector; she will ignite the spirit of the great mother within us reminding us, of the role we play as protectors and nurtures of all that is within us and around us.

Laxshmi is the mother of beauty, grace and abundance filling us with the joy that we can find within the luxury of the gifts we carry with us at all times. She is a reminder to look at the simple blessings with gratitude and grace, to remember the abundance we have within and around us and; to give gratitude for all the beauty and grace that is this planet whose weave we are a part of.

Finally Saraswati is the mother of the Arts and Wisdom, we conclude with bringing together all that we have learnt about ourselves to create a deeper understanding of who we really are. With Saraswati there is the wisdom of the many teachings that are embodied and lived daily.

As we work through each of the energies there is a shedding and a seeding of new understanding, belonging and wisdom growing deep from the new shoots of our awareness.

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