Freedom Through Connection with Nature and the Ancestors – A Sacred Circle by the Lake

by Heather Price

sacred circleThis circle will take the women through personal and group ceremonial processes to connect deeply with nature spirits and the ancestors. Ancient wisdom and traditional cultural practices, such as the Shamanic Way, remind us of the freedom and joy that comes from establishing and re-establishing a deep connection with nature through our internal and external landscapes. I will guide the women into sacred space, where they will learn how to connect with their inner worlds, and at the same time as demonstrate to them ways to be present and interact with the natural environment around them – for healing, and for personal and professional growth and balance. They will be taken on a drum journey to navigate between these worlds, to transform limiting beliefs into infinite possibilities, and bring back wisdom to guide them on an enriching path to meet the Eagle, and together soar to meet their dreams.

We will discuss The 8 Ways, shamanic guidelines for walking strongly in the world, and how these can assist you to walk in a truly authentic way, and to manage change consciously, with confidence in who you are and where you are going.

The circle will conclude with some grounded goal setting that includes commitment to action for personal empowerment.