Flying Free

Stacey O'Brien crystalswith Stacey O’Brien

Flying Free is a workshop which offers you a powerful and healing experience.  Supported by your other Being Woman Sisters you will explore and acknowledge some of your emotional hot spots held around people or issues from the past and present.

I will introduce you to a life skill taught to me by a beautiful friend, Greywolf, a Native American Inuit. The  simple art of writing and burning has the power to allow an ONION LAYER of your emotional issue to be healed after writing about it,  honoring and releasing the emotions you have held around the issue or person.  A useful tool is to bring along a photo of either you at the age when the issue began or of the person you have an issue with. This is not necessary but does add to the process.

I will support you through this process and nurture your journey with healing from my beautiful Native American Indian Drum which is infused with Owl Medicine and is sure to gift you the joy of Wisdom.

After your writing journey you will have the honor of offering  your painful words into the Sacred Gathering Fire and allow you to replace the pain you once held with a new ability release and go forward.

I will also be gifting you a healing pouch to meditate with and take with you along your journey of clearing more of your emotional hot spots and learning the  healing art of FLYING FREE.

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