First Circle 2018

First Circle is the name given to the powerful women who come together to hold the space for, and create Being Woman.

Here are the beautiful women of our 2018 First Circle.  Each divine woman has shared a little about themselves, what called them to step forward to First Circle, and their vision for the year ahead...


2017 was my first year attending the Being Woman gathering. I loved it so much, I felt to my core I belonged and that I was being entirely nourished… with great food, healing, friendship, and ceremony. I offered to be in First Circle. I wanted to be a part of the next gathering, to offer a part of myself for the beautiful space and women attending in 2018. I knew it before I got there. So far, the journey has been a true blessing for me.

I am a mother to two beautiful little souls and I work part time as a Landscape Architect. My passion is tapping (TFT, EFT, Faster EFT) and I have been a tapper for over 13 years. I am a highly skilled and empathetic Tapping Facilitator (just quietly…). Necessity drove me to the front door of the tapping world as I suffered with crippling anxiety. Thankfully tapping worked. Over the last five years I have worked with clients facilitating their healing and I make huge claims that tapping is the most rewarding ‘work’ I have ever done.

See you at the 2018 Being Woman gathering xx



My name is Heidi and I have attended Being Woman every year since  2014.  This will be my 2nd time on First Circle, the 1st being 2016, with some of this year’s other FC  members, Lisa and Sonia. The Gathering is a truly magical experience and is different for everyone, but for me it has been about connecting with other women, being part of an amazing community, experiencing freedom to be, and express myself, through the different workshops and opportunities available.  I stepped up again this year to give back and encourage others to join us for the awesomeness, that is, Being Woman.

I am a single mother of 4 children aged between 8 – 16.  I have devoted the last 16 years to raising and home educating my babies (which has been very rewarding). This year is quite different for us, as I have stepped out of a toxic relationship and some of the children have decided to ‘try’ school for the first time. So, we are all adjusting to this new world of experiences. Some hard decisions have been made and I feel that being a part of this community and all the positivity and growth that has come from it, has given me the strength I have been seeking to do what is best for myself and my children.

Life is an amazing journey, and Being Woman is now a part of mine!   I invite you, to come and be woven in, to the wonder and joy of this journey too.


Following her spiritual path from a young age, Lisa spent years living in India, Israel and Egypt and wandering around Europe,  learning some of the true and wonderful workings of the universal magic. With a great love for the Earth,  a gifted intellect, and a penchant for sacred activism.  Lisa became an environmental scientist and spent over a decade working within the University system, designing and presenting education programs on sustainability. Teaching that everything for a truly sustainable world already exists and to reach it, we must make the journey into our hearts and we must also re-embrace divine feminine essence.

Lisa is Mumma to 2 daughters, and is an accomplished energy healer, reiki master/teacher, past life regressionist, student of Unified Physics and a certified Women’s Temple facilitator, who has been personally trained by some of the world’s leading practitioners in these fields. She is co-author of the internationally published, groundbreaking book ‘Awakening the Intelligent Heart’ and is currently working on her 2nd book 'The Power of the Feminine DNA'. She is passionate about the re-merging of science and spirituality and blends her backgrounds in both, into wholistic knowledge, research and teachings.


Noeline has over 30 years experience working as an intuitive counsellor, energy worker, Liquid Crystal practitioner and vocal coach.
She is an Elder in numerous Women’s circles and is dedicated to being of service to the sacred feminine. Noeline brings a lifetime of skills
acquired through her own healing journey and shares these gifts with enthusiasm, joy and a cheeky sense of humour. She also enjoys a good yarn and expresses herself through story telling and sharing ideas and concepts that expand an understanding of ourselves and our place and purpose in the universe.

Always inquisitive and a seeker for knowledge, she is an avid reader and researcher of ways to expand self awareness, consciousness and natural healing practices, with a focus on the mind/body connection, diet, exercise and the pursuit of happiness.


Hi, I’m Sonia! I have now been involved with Being Woman for a number of years and was in First Circle 2 years ago. The experience was so amazing and so enriching on so many levels that I’ve stepped up for First Circle again this year! What inspires me to keep stepping up to keep this gathering going is witnessing the incredible transformations of women who attend our gatherings. The joyful faces at the end of our 3 day gathering just warms my heart and lights my fire inside to empower women and give them the opportunity to share and overcome obstacles and barriers in their life in a safe and non-judgemental environment. And to share with other women, without competing, jealousy and the likes. We are all women and as such we must stand united and support one another.

My background is in Project Management but aside from work my passions are animals, dancing and music and anything creative really. Have been dancing all kinds of styles since I was 5 and have been playing African drums for 20 years, djembe and doun doun predominantly. Dance and music are what has kept me alive, young and inspired all these years! I live with my beautiful staffy dog and my gorgeous 11 kg gigantic cat named Gordon!

I look forward to meeting all you beautiful women that will be attending this year’s Being Woman and seeing you weaving the new empowered you!


I came to Being Woman as a facilitator a few years ago, and have loved the connection through spirit with other women. I am very pleased to be involved in First Circle this year.

I have a passion for supporting people to discover their own beauty and strength through dance and movement, and am a body-oriented psychotherapist and psychologist. I have been dancing all my life and been working in counselling, dance and creative arts therapy for the past 40 years. I have trained in Shamanism, and have long time practice in meditation and spiritual practices.

Meditation, spirituality and feeling connection to the earth are essential practices in my life, and I have worked in supporting others to build their own connection to spirit.

with Love, First Circle 2018
Amanda, Heidi, Lisa, Noeline, Sonia, Virginia