First Circle 2017

First Circle is the name given to the powerful women who come together to hold the space for, and create Being Woman.

Here are the beautiful women of our 2017 First Circle.  Each divine woman has shared a little about themselves, what called them to step forward to First Circle, and their vision for the year ahead...



My name is Bettina and I’ll be 57 just after the gathering this year. I am a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 5 and am generally very happy in my life. I study Ayurveda, particularly in relation to women and menopause. That is my passion and one day I hope to realize my dream and work with women in this capacity.

Last year I found myself at a crossroad. My mother had died and I was forced to confront family issues that I had tucked nicely away for many years. I felt raw and at a loss with what to do. I needed something; somewhere that I could go and be nurtured and have some time out from my busy life. That’s what drew me to the Being Woman Gathering initially.

I felt held within this group of beautiful women. I was able to cry and laugh and be part of something that was bigger than myself. Every workshop held something special for me and by the time I left I felt so much clearer and ready to embrace my life again. Which is why I volunteered to be part of this year’s First Circle.

I believe so strongly in the power of women gathering together for each other.
My journey into the Being Woman Community has enhanced my life in ways I never dreamed of.
Hope to see you there.



Hi, I’m Stacey O’Brien one of the members of the first circle for Being Woman 2016/2017. March 2016 was my first time at a Being Woman Gathering and I joined this magical group as a facilitator and participant and was delighted by the experience I received.
The theme of Freedom to Fly drew me to share my amazing journey with sacred animals that have guided me to become the best version of myself that I have ever been.

I love the feeling of sisterhood that the first circle and this community of women offer me and I invite all women searching for connection and a desire to honour themselves to join us in March 2017 for another magical gathering. I hope to share with you the gifts of sisterhood, dance, joy and learning that will heal your heart and awaken your soul. My Kundalini energy was ignited that weekend and has created a beautiful spunk in my life ever since.

I am mum to 3 beautiful children and am extremely proud of them all. The journey that my first son, Finn has shared with our family since his stillbirth in 2002 remains a magical part of our family and an inspirational part of my work as an author of “A Kiss From An Angel” and “The Healers Workbook” and he guides me to offer healing and inspirational transformation to others.

I am really excited to join my first circle sisters in our journey of inner work and self discovery this year and feel blessed to have been brave enough to take on this role even if I was hesitant at the beginning.
I hope to show my kids and husband that being brave enough to tackle your fears and doubts can lead to a magical journey of self discovery and empowerment. I encourage you to do the same.

Love and Healing to You All
Hope to see you in March



Hello, my name is Nelly and I am 42 years old, the youngest of the bunch!

I am originally from France, but I’ve spent most of my adult life in Scotland before landing here in Oz almost 2 years ago, a bit of a cultural and climatic shock!  If you don’t recognise my face, you’ll recognise my accent or you’ll hear my laughter!

In August 2015, I found myself in a state of confusion and not adjusting very well to this new life, so I asked the Universe for a sign and a little bit of help.  It just happened that Chameli Ardagh was coming to Queensland to teach in December!  I was already familiar with the Awaking Women institute and immediately sent my application.  The training was taking place in December, with graduation on my birthday (yet another sign!) and that’s where I met Lisa, who was on last year’s First Circle. I was looking forward to seeing Lisa again in March, little did I know I would step in for First Circle, it just kind of… happened, one moment I was lingering on the edges and next thing I was part of the Circle, just like that! Magick!

It’s been a really exciting and wonderful journey so far and I feel extremely blessed.  I have met some wonderful women and soul sisters and I feel like I have found my Tribe.   I have done amazing work on myself with my Sisters and we will be super ready to energetically hold space for you lovely ladies when you come to the Gathering in March.

I have business and marketing degrees. In my day job, I am an Executive Assistant. But I am also a Reiki practitioner, a Laughter Club leader, a Women Circle facilitator and I am just about to become one of Whitney Freya’s Creative Fit Coaches.  I’ve just finished my ‘Vision Quest on the Canvas’, which has been very much life changing.  I feel very much ready to finally Show Up!

I look forward to seeing you all wonderful women at the March Gathering, embrace our shadows and our light, our feminine and our masculine, and generally have fun and make new friends!

Love, sparkles and giggles


with Love, First Circle 2017
Bettina, Cathy, Stacey and Nelly