First Circle 2016

First Circle is the name given to the powerful women who come together to hold the space for, and create Being Woman.

Here are the beautiful women of our 2016 First Circle.  Each divine woman has shared a little about themselves, what called them to step forward to First Circle, and their vision for the year ahead...

Heidi Meier

Heidi MeierIn March last year, I attended my 2nd Being Woman gathering.

Prior to 2014 I had never been to any sort of women’s gathering and was unsure what to expect. It was such a wonderful experience I had to come back again. Read more



Lisa Malcolm

Lisa MalcolmHi everyone, I’m Lisa.

I have been a part of First Circle this year, and what an amazing year it’s been. I first stepped up to first circle, as I had attended two Being Woman Gatherings and I could see what a wonderful benefit the gathering is to the women who attend. Read more


Sonia Pala

Sonia PaliaHi, I’m Sonia! I’m one of the women in this year’s First Circle. Last year was the first time I attended Being Woman and in fact it was the first time I’d ever attended any type of women’s gathering and had no idea what to expect! But at the beginning of the year I had made a conscious decision that I was going to dedicate that year to my inner growth, spirituality and healing old wounds. Read more


Linda Topfer

LindaTopferHi, I’m Linda. I’m part of your First Circle for this years’ Being Woman Gathering. I have been to a few Being Woman events in the past, in part with the view to get to know myself again after an interesting upbringing with an unusual take on Femininity and a crippling illness that I almost let claim my life and took away many years of memory and I felt, my identity. Read more



with Love, First Circle 2016

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