First Circle 2014

First Circle is the name given to the powerful women who come together to hold the space for, and create Being Woman.

Each year at the gathering, there is an initiation for those who hear the call to step up onto First Circle. It is a voluntary role that requires incredible commitment - these women not only take care of the logistics of Being Woman, they hold the energetic space, symbolised by the Basket, and undertake deep innerwork on behalf of the collective feminine. Quite a journey and a year of undoubted transformation for all who step up.

Read more about what inspires the remarkable women of First Circle 2014 below.

It was during a Being Woman workshop where I asked myself "How can I invite more of this into my everyday life"?, and the answer inside me came instantly "Join First Circle". I was overwhelmed with excitement at the thought of entering a year-long journey of Being Woman...I currently live Maleny, a small-town community in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, with my family, spending most of the time with my boys, aged 5 & 12. When I'm not engaged in my primary role as Mother, I enjoy working with people as a Dance Therapist. Dance is my passion, my meditation, my expression, my healing, dance is my way.Being on First Circle provides me with a sense of sisterhood that keeps me going amongst "all that is" in between. I am drawn to the uniqueness of Being Woman, I love the structure of circles (first circle, second circle, Elders and various support circles). I experience the flow of community, which I am personally drawn to. Meeting regularly to do Inner Work, and, practical planning for next gathering, is an amazing journey full of love, fun, growth, nurture, challenges, tears, laughter, chocolate, chai and bliss.Each process so far, and that which is still unfolding, are merely seeds for the upcoming gathering, seeds for the lotus flower blooming deep within us all. I look forward to celebrating with everyone, new and old. May we allow ourselves, individually and collectively, to gather together as women, in circle, in time to... Wake Up & Shine! XXX
Hi, I'm Katrina Jermyn and here's a little bit about me and why I've chosen to step up to the Being Woman... First Circle.This year's Being Woman... was my second gathering, the first one I attended in 2011, when I decided to feel into what it was to be more in my feminine. Attending this first gathering provided some beautiful heart connections with other women, planted the seed for two 12 month training programs I subsequently undertook, and opened me up to a much more authentic way of being.
With the realisation of how far I'd come and feeling so much gratitude, I felt called to step up to First Circle, to give back and be of service to other women, in order that they may have a similar opportunity.Having moved to Brisbane 2 years ago, I currently reside in Kedron with my gorgeous partner. I've spent over seven years on my own personal "heart" journey exploring many modalities, and am passionate about bringing people home to their hearts with unconditional love, providing Ka Huna bodywork and Reiki energy work at the Lightworkers Cottage in New Farm two days a week. I also utilise my 20 years Marketing experience by supporting people, products and services that are closely aligned to my values.My other passion is whales and I've spent some time these last couple of years with the Humpback Whales around Fraser Island and some amazing whale tales to share.
I'm very much looking forward to sharing the next Being Woman... 2014 Gathering with you.
For many years many of my family & friends have been involved in & around Being Woman. 2014 will be my first time to attend this wonderful Gathering of Woman!!!Much to my disappointment last year, I was packed ready to go to the Gathering, but found myself on that weekend in bed, very ill.Stepping up to 1st circle was unplanned but I did it anyway – my whole body, heart & soul just moved in that direction - & so far loving every step of it, the connections, the inner work & the community.As a proud mother of 3 beautiful children & 3 beautiful step children, yes, 3 girls & 3 boys, often referred to as the Brady Bunch.

My spiritual journey of more 20 years has included many different kinds of personal development/emotional release work, including Rebirthing, ISIS, Feng Shui & Space Clearing.

My interests now are nutrition, health (both mental & physical), travel, camping, family, friends & community. I currently live in the gorgeous Noosa Hinterland & do a volunteer role in admin for a local Caravan Park & Showgrounds.

My journey is lifelong & continual. I love interacting with people & learning along the way.

Sara'a bio is coming soon this space!