Felicity Chapman

Felicity ChapmanMy name is Felicity Chapman, and I am mother, wife, goddess, trainee wise woman, peaceful revolutionary, loyal friend and wannabe gypsy. I am a hereditary alchemist and the Guardian of Infinite Possibilities.

I was always the one that didn’t quite fit society’s definition of ‘normal’ and as I don’t like the term ‘black sheep’, I coined the phrase ‘rainbow sheep’ to celebrate my uniqueness.

I wear my battle scars and grey hair from many years of challenging life experiences with pride, and I will ‘party like there is no tomorrow’ when menopause finally becomes a reality.

I have managed to give birth and raise 3 healthy boys. I survived the horrors of grunting ‘Teenage Neanderthal Man’, hormonal and emotional ups and downs, learning difficulties and anxiety with my youngest now reaching the pre-tween stage.

I now enjoy (apparently) my 2 adult boys regaling me with their stories of heroic partying, being manly men, along with hearing how they are so irresistible to the opposite sex.

I have been a closet healer since I could toddle outside and infuse myself with the love and magick of the universe. My mother was always emptying my pockets of rocks before she could wash my clothes. Many a tree was subjected to my attempts of healing broken branches with any ribbon at hand. The trees were always willing to share their shade and give awesome hugs.

I am an avid reader of natural therapy and experimenter with all things from nature and learnt about the power of touch after being trained in massage at the age of 14. During the angst and confusion of my teenage years I spent many hours sitting under a tree beside the water being soothed and nurtured by nature.

The day I learnt that I could infuse the healing magick of anything in nature into vibrational essences, was the day I realised my true potential.

As a vibrational essence practitioner I capture the energetic healing, magical and metaphysical properties of: Flowers, Trees, Herbs, Minerals, Crystals, The Elements, Nature Devas, The Moon (and her many phases), Planetary Alignments, Other Dimensions and Stars, during favourable astrological conditions to create essences that are pure of heart and soul.

With these essences I create homeopathic drops, sprays, body oils, creams to help heal, empower and celebrate the Goddess within, and explore the mystical world of nature’s magic and incorporate it into your everyday life.

After getting over my fear of public speaking by presenting my ‘Messy Kitchen Pantry Magick’ workshop at this year’s 2015 Seven Sisters Festival, I now hold workshops to empower every woman.

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