Emma Christina Lucia

Emma Christina Lucia is an interdisciplinary artist who uses her body as a channel to investigate the iconic power of nature – a terminal through which explorations of imagination, memory, and sensorial understandings of gendered landscapes are filtered and structured into multilayered works. Exploring ideas of the feminine as allegory for natural environs and the sacred, she creates site-specific projects that comprise fiber forms, drawings, textile design, sculpture, video art and performance artefacts.

Called to Sweden to learn from Peruquois and indigenous women in a Calling Earth Medicine Women retreat, she is also involved with Danza la Luna in Costa Rica where she assists in setting up sacred spaces for women to dance, is a Reiki master and teacher, Qoya dancer and teacher initiate, and is part of 96 sacred circle dancers in Australia who dance different energies of the Goddess depending on the wheel of the year. She is a professional practicing artist and research scholar.


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