Emma Brindal

Emma Brindal is passionate about working with women, living lightly, and fostering connection and care for Mother Earth in herself and others. She believes that understanding the interconnectedness of all life through experience is key to bringing about a Life-Sustaining Society for all beings, and founded WiseEarth Education in 2013 for this purpose.  Emma is inspired by the principles and practices of Deep Ecology, by her experience of the Earth as both a teacher and a healer, and the power of ritual to connect to self, Earth and others. She is a graduate of the year-long ‘Four Season’s Journey’ at the School of Shamanic Midwifery and loves incorporating her learnings of sacred women’s work and the women’s mysteries into the Earth connection work she does. Emma has been holding women’s circles on the dark moon for the last six years, and loves the magic that happens when women come together to hear each other and be heard, and to use ritual to connect with each other, Mother Earth, the elements and the cycles of life.

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