Ecstatic Temple

Camila invites you to gather in the lush Ecstatic Temple to dance and celebrate the Woman you are, and to Activate the Kundalini energy within you!  Honouring your body as your sacred Temple, honouring the Temple Space we co-create with the group energy and also the land we dance upon.

Ecstatic Temple is a safe space for people to get real and get connected! It is a supportive environment where we can all be raw, vulnerable and feel free to be seen, to be heard and felt.

Using 5Elements Dance Activation™ we embark on a Shamanic Ecstatic Dance journey embodying Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, to authentically connect, express ourselves to great world music and collectively rise our consciousness by acknowledging the present moment, giving thanks for the past, and setting intentions for the future.

Ground; Flow; Transform, Breathe, and melt into deep inner peace and connection with yourself, your community, the Earth and ultimately the Great Mystery within.

Every “BODY” is welcome, be prepared to breath, sound, move, groove, shake, connect and smile all over in the fully inclusive Temple we all co-create!

Once you get the monkey mind out of the way and just trust in the alchemy of your unique sacred temple wisdom – your female body – supported by the Mother Earth and the power of the sisterhood… magic happens!

The elements make up our entire known Universe and are fundamental in maintaining balance of mind, body and spirit. By consciously embodying them, we release imbalances, re-energize our systems, connect deeply to Mother Earth and each other as sisterhood tribe.  We will tap into the wisdom and rhythm of some ancient practices from many indigenous cultures, beautifully adapted for our current awakening consciousness.

Shall we breathe, sound and dance ourselves into ecstatic states of bliss and pure awareness, release old paradigms and conditioning which no longer serve us and come full circle into meditation resting in the stillness of our authentic hearts.


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