The Earth Dances in Us All

with Robin Clayfield

golden forestThe Earth and all of nature dance their magic and essence in each step we take on our Earth journey. The Spirits and Ancestors of the land ground us, guide us and support us along the path. They show us the way. All Beings, all the elements and all of creation beckon us to be alert and imbued with the qualities, gifts and strengths that they hold and give to our world.

Animal, Mineral and Vegetable, Earth and Sky, Land and Lake, Past and Present, Sun and Moon, Maiden, Mother and Crone, Masculine and Feminine… all alive and awake in us all if we take the time to listen, remember, feel and open.

Join Robin for a journey into the depths of the Earth and nature. Harvest many gifts from those of Love and Light who have been before us and ignite the gifts as guiding lights for the next steps of our adventure.

Through sacred women’s circle time, guided visualisations, dance and movement, ritual and ceremony, sound and song, creative play and Deep Ecology processes the theme of this years Being Women Gathering with be fully lived, experienced and embraced in a deeply heart opening and enduring way.

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