Discovering Your Yoniverse

Yoniversewith Bonnie Bliss

Discovering Your Yoniverse  – a journey into the infinite mystery of creation.

In the Tantric tradition it is said that every woman’s Yoni (vagina) is the “custodian of the infinite mystery of existence”.

In this workshop we’ll access the “freedom to fly” through learning tools and practices to harness the huge potential of our Yonis – those amazing parts of our bodies that we are often so disconnected from. When we fully embrace and integrate this part of us, we can experience profound spiritual states of bliss and ecstasy, true freedom.

Through some deep embodied practice enquiry and sharing, meditation and education, we’ll release tension and blockages related to sexuality, feel empowered and connected to our Yonis, learn powerful practices to take home to connect deeper with ourselves, feel the activation of energy rising up through the body, learn how to integrate spirituality and sexuality, and be more educated about what is possible.

Join me for a beautiful journey into the Yoniverse!

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