Devotional Erotic Dance

devotional erotic dancewith Holly Wodetzki

In this Devotional Erotic Dance workshop you’ll be taken on a unique transformational journey to reclaim the beauty, power & wisdom of the Divine Feminine nature innately dwelling within you.  You may enter the space with your sisters with tingling nerves and butterflies in your belly, enveloped in vulnerability, meeting the unknown…

We will tread gently and steadily towards the edge of your inhibitions, frequently pausing to breathe, connect with your senses, drop deeper into the wisdom of your body, and marry the enormous power and potential of your sexuality with the heart.

You may come to edges many times, but you’ll not be alone, your sisters will be right there with you…honouring your vulnerability, loving you and supporting your courage.  The journey will be playful, fun, fiery, wildly beautiful, and perhaps internally challenging at times. Individual, partner and group exercises offered in a non-judgemental and very safe space will provide the conditions for you to unveil, explore and express the full spectrum of embodying the erotic feminine within you.

But most importantly as you’ll reach each inner precipice, great metaphorical cliffs of spectacular beauty, which seem both dangerous and alluring….you’ll be ready to jump.

You may never have flown before, but this time you’ll be ready. Full of trust, full of love, pleasure, confidence & ready to leap into a whole different experience of being the entire universe embodied in a woman.

Where you thought you might’ve fallen, you’ll be surprised to realise you can fly…and it’s so wonderful! The pleasure of being free, flowing in absolute trust and surrender as the warm breath of the Goddess breathes through your limbs, always moving you towards higher good and deeper expression of our soul’s radiance & unique gifts.  Relaxed and free to fly in the expanse of your own being, inseparable from the creative, spontaneous and sensual force of mother nature moving both around you, within you and through you.

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