Deep and Wild

The Sacred Joy of Feminine Embodiment presented by Christine Clegg

A morning practice of devotion to dance our most heartfelt truth, as revealed to us, by the temple of our soul, our body.   An invitation to be guided through a process of freeing energy within the body, entraining the mind upon deeper sensations, and allowing whatever is within, expression without.   From this place we can then invite and cultivate new possibilities for being.

We will enter the temple, through the delight of our external senses, and allow ourselves to relax into journeying deep within, to have an experience of awareness through our internal felt senses, and to allow that expression through our bodies and voices.

A guided movement and meditation practice, which allows you to let go of your mind, and let your body lead.  Letting her move you, allow you to change you from within, and show you the way to experience, that which your heart most desires.

Women of all levels of fitness and body awareness are welcome.  We will create sacred space together, do some womanly stretching and warming up, link our breath with our movement, and find ways to move which feel good in our bodies.   Our movements will be guided by our inner experience, so each woman’s practice will be suited to her body and feeling.   We will take some time in stillness to conclude and integrate the practice.

The practice will be a journey, as deep and wild as you dare.

I look forward to meeting you there.

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