Darshna Siva

Darshna has a passion for creating sacred circles in which people can journey deep to reconnect with aspects of themselves that leave an empowering impact. Darshna is a yoga teacher, intuitive healer and a channel. Using the gifts from her different traditions Darshna opens up space to allow each person to have their own experience in a safe and empowering way, always respectful of the enegies and the space in which she is working within.

Darshna’s passion is humanity in all its forms and colours, she truly believes that if each one of us is in balance and empowered within our true nature, we can make a huge difference within the universe we live in; Darshna has worked with a wide variety of communities, including working whilst traveling board and understands the common bond amongst us all is return to our authentic nature, connect in community and to be loved unconditionally, using these foundations she opens up space so others may also experience these seeds of wisdom.

Get Your Goddess On