Dancing with the Soul-fire into the Shadows

with Virginia Woods

Come on a guided dance meditation through conscious dance practice to fan the life flame of our soul. Experiencing our divine nature with dance, art, contemplation and reflection to compassionately dance with the masks and veils of our habits and patterns, to bring them to the light. Moving to understand and embrace these shadow selves to find freedom and choice in our lives, to express the full essence of this true self.

Our body carries the information of past and present experience, and through our brain to the nervous system we develop ways to protect our Self and respond to the world around us. Through our body we can reconnect to our life flame, the deep wisdom of our Soul knowledge- our soul-fire– that drives us to wholeness. From this place we can compassionately and kindly begin to understand, and rewire our relationship to our real self and the world. With this ‘rewiring’ of the brain comes an empowerment, a sense of freedom; released from anxiety and fear we can experience deep calm and joy.

Letting go of the struggle of battling with our ‘shadows’ and developing deep understanding of their role in our survival, lifts us out of shame, and empowers us to embrace all the parts of our self. It enables us to take strength from these, often seen as ‘negative traits’, and to utilize their learning and move to more resilient, loving ways of responding.

Dancing, expressing our body’s way through movement allows us to connect to these life experiences and provide opportunity to explore new ways of being in the world; to connect to the wise, whole, soul self beneath these patterns of behaviour, and to experience the truth through the whole of our being, not just in our mind. The nervous system experiences new responses and is able to choose new ways of doing things.

Dancing and moving expressively with others builds a sense of my connection to others and all living things: my Divine True nature. It is a celebration of what it is to share this life, to be alive and sharing the human journey.

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