Dancing your life with the Ancestors

with Virginia Woods

dancing with ancestors

You are not alone – dancing your life with the Ancestors

In a supported, guided meditative dance process enter into dreaming space with flute and drum, to discover, evoke and express the Ancestral spirit held in your body’s wisdom.

Connecting to the essence of Who you are, receive the support of your Ancestors to look within, to step fully into life and pursue your life path with courage.

Let go and dance your life, Beloved, with the knowledge you are never alone!


“You may be bathing, laughing, or working, but

She is always right before you.

Meditate on Her.

She lives in your heart.

Recognise Her.

Don’t look for Her here and there,

wondering, “Where is God?”  

Lalleshwari (12 century Indian poet saint)


This will be a supported, guided meditative dance process, allowing spirit to speak and express through your beautiful, earthly body.

On an energetic, genetic and neurobiological way our soul, body and brain hold information of our ancestors and collective wisdom of the planet and beyond. By consciously inviting our body to begin to express this wisdom we free ourselves to let go of our ideas about ourselves, to truly experience the support and expansiveness of who we really are.

Let go and dance your life, Beloved, with the knowledge you are never alone!

In this process you will:

  • Embody the True Heart Self, connect to your own heart and body wisdom
  • Form and express the place where you are right now around an issue that is preventing you from being where you want to be.
  • And then allow heart, body, spirit to form, shape and express a possible new experience of this issue.
  • Calling in the support of your Ancestor, you will explore inherited wisdom through feeling it in your heart and spirit, and through our body to form and express the journey from where you are now to where you can be.
  • Celebrating our unity in collective wisdom in community.


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