Connect with Your Inner SuperHero

super herowith Victoria Fitzgibbon

Inside every one of us, there’s a Super Hero!

This is where we find the courage to talk to new people, speak up for the environment or go on an adventure to a place never visited before.

This is a fun and interactive 2 hour playshop where you will have an opportunity to name their super hero, identify your powers, connect with other Super heros and have fun designing your own superhero logo or symbol they will take home. It is an opportunity for you to take a journey from the outside in to discover the true secrets you may have forgotten.

Through the use of drama, games, art & craft, visualisation and movement, you will build confidence, resilience and inner strength all whilst having a ball of fun. This workshop is about connecting you to the heart of your essence, where you come from and celebrating your ‘super powers’ which in turn will give you the “Freedom to Fly” to your full potential.

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