Christine Clegg

Christine is a woman who loves to explore.

As a child she could be found, sitting in the garden, amid her beloved circle of plants, secretly questing for communion with the invisible, knowing that there was more to existence than people acknowledged. Things she planted grew, and her dreams stayed hidden.

Then she began to explore. Many worlds, within and without. As a traveller, a scientist, a seeker, a musician, mother, music teacher, yoga teacher, holder of ceremonial space, but most potently, simply as a woman feeling her way.

One day, whilst exploring joy and devotion in her yoga practice, she found herself dancing on, and then off, the mat, to follow a calling to explore the embodiment of truth and transformation through dance. Having been greatly inspired and transformed by this exploration, she is delighted to discover herself as part of a growing and diverse movement of people, who are devotedly dancing themselves open to deeper connections, and into grounded, radiant well-being.

Presently working as a musician and yoga teacher, she also co-facilitates women’s new moon circles, dance explorations, and ceremonies for personal transformation.

She has a passion for holding space for people to experience the pleasure and potency of their own energy, and to gain awareness of, and find connection with spirit, and their own, authentic, personal truth.

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