Chanting Circle

Kate B Chanting Circlewith Kate B

We gather.  We become still.  We join our hearts in song.  We share harmony.

Join Kate for this chanting circle gathering where we will sit together and create our group sound, our ‘one voice’.  As each of us finds our inner place of stillness through sound, we are led to more presence and connection with ourselves, others and the Divine. Come and explore your voice and find your freedom to fly as you surrender to your innate voice wisdom!

Music is magic, it weaves, it flows and through it we create space for all of us to come together as one, one sound at a time, one voice at a time adding to the web of unity. Singing together synchronizes our heartbeats and we connect as one beating rhythm, physically, energetically and spiritually.

Through harmony, sound, movement and rhythm we will travel together, deeply moving into sacred spaces, nurturing ourselves, holding each other and sharing our voices and our hearts.

Kate is delighted to share chants from her newly released debut CD.  You can have a look what we get up to here.


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