Catherine Dean

My interest in health and vocal expression plus the learning accumulated in many creative courses have led to my present vocation of Vocal Toner.  I started classical piano lessons at 11 years of age.   An interest in amateur acting followed soon after which inadvertently guided me towards vocal toning.  A love of being with people and caring for others saw the completion of an enrolled nurse certification in 1980.  I took singing lessons for 15 years to learn breathing technique in order to gain good breath control. I have sung with The Prime of Life Choir, The Brisbane Concert Choir and sing presently with Brisbane based community choir Chordiality.   Not long after I began my singing lessons in my early 30s I was introduced to a method of using sound called vocal toning.   As it came very naturally to me I developed my own style based on a sound structure of using the body as one would when using a classical approach to singing.

My interest in physical, mental and spiritual health fully embodied the concept of using vocal toning as it relaxes and uplifts oneself and those that it is offered to.  I completed a Diploma of Counselling at Southbank Institute of Technology in 2010 -2011.  This complements the toning method I use as it incorporates the skills of communication – listening, responding and attending with the relaxing and clearing capacities of sound work.  Toning honours the voice of the individual and the group. In 2011 I received a certificate of Completion for a Suicide Awareness, Skills and Knowledge Workshop.  This component was covered extensively in the Diploma of Counselling course along with subjects on mental health and diversity.

My work as a vocal toner and guest speaker have been performed in many different locations such as North America, India, New Zealand and Holland.  I offer vocal toning at spiritual events, group meditations, private consultations, workshops and festivals, celebrations of peace, for house, office and space healing.  Vocal toning is my passion.  I believe that it brings one as close to the Music of the Spheres or the Heavenly realm of Sound as one can achieve.

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