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Dancing with the Soul-fire into the Shadows

with Virginia Woods

Come on a guided dance meditation through conscious dance practice to fan the life flame of our soul. Experiencing our divine nature with dance, art, contemplation and reflection to compassionately dance with the masks and veils of our habits and patterns, to bring them to the light. Moving to understand and embrace these shadow selves to find freedom and choice in our lives, to express the full essence of this true self.

Our body carries the information of past and present experience, and through our brain to the nervous system we develop ways to protect our Self and respond to the world around us. Through our body we can reconnect to our life flame, the deep wisdom of our Soul knowledge- our soul-fire– that drives us to wholeness. From this place we can compassionately and kindly begin to understand, and rewire our relationship to our real self and the world. With this ‘rewiring’ of the brain comes an empowerment, a sense of freedom; released from anxiety and fear we can experience deep calm and joy.

Letting go of the struggle of battling with our ‘shadows’ and developing deep understanding of their role in our survival, lifts us out of shame, and empowers us to embrace all the parts of our self. It enables us to take strength from these, often seen as ‘negative traits’, and to utilize their learning and move to more resilient, loving ways of responding.

Dancing, expressing our body’s way through movement allows us to connect to these life experiences and provide opportunity to explore new ways of being in the world; to connect to the wise, whole, soul self beneath these patterns of behaviour, and to experience the truth through the whole of our being, not just in our mind. The nervous system experiences new responses and is able to choose new ways of doing things.

Dancing and moving expressively with others builds a sense of my connection to others and all living things: my Divine True nature. It is a celebration of what it is to share this life, to be alive and sharing the human journey.

Black Pearls

By Isabela Keski-Frantti

“In Nature we find that everything strives to find its balance and maintain the equilibrium in the whole Web of Life. All life is interconnected and interdependent. In Nature we find that there is no separation, that there is not such a thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and that everything, every phenomenon has its role or purpose. And so is with us, as we tap into the natural wisdom that lies within. Like the pearls that start to form from a point of friction in the innermost part of an oyster and,  after a long process, become such exquisite natural jewels, we too have our own wounds that, when lovingly and wisely cared for, become the pearls we add to our string… Our shadow is where our black pearls are formed. Not only are they denied aspects of ourselves, but also our Divine Potential that is yet to be revealed.”

Isabela invites you to a journey that will gently immerse you into the teachings of Mother Ocean and her children. Isabela’s passion, knowledge and service to the marine life brings mystery and wonder to the sessions as the group experiences the healing qualities of dolphins, whales, turtles, seashells, and all of the exquisite sea creatures. Through connection with self, others and the Ocean we will tap into aspects that reveal our true Selves as a whole, from the surface to the deep, deep, deep… like diving into the sea, from the sunlight zone, going through the twilight and midnight, to finally reach the abyss… This will be experienced once a safe and nurturing environment is created. Isabela starts the session by gently inviting the ocean creatures as the group tunes in to the pure sound of the Sacred Crystal Bowl, Delphi, and it will then flow a guided meditation, sharing knowledge and wisdom from Nature and personal experiences based on Deep Ecology Principles, nature walks and movements, dance, chants and an art activity. As a marine educator who is also trained in Jungian Feminine Psychology and Sacred Circle Dances, Isabela makes a parallel between the Ocean and our Unconscious, activating archetypes that create the Sacred Dance of Light and Shadow in the Ocean and in our Souls…

An Archetypal Dance of Light and Shadow

with Heather Price

Reclaimisacred circleng Your True Self Through Understanding the Archetypes that govern your existence in both positive and limiting ways.

This workshop looks at the symbolic roles, or archetypes, that we step into when we come from our Wounded Heart consciousness. Some of these archetypes can be ancestral, others may even be still playing out from past lives. In this workshop we look at some of the typical
archetypes that have been identified as universal, and perhaps familial or ancestral, and search out the positive archetypes that will expand our consciousness and bring us into the light, and into wholeness. Wholeness embraces all parts of self, those that are wounded, and those that are more conscious and governed by high soul wisdom. Identifying the archetypes that you unconsciously play out, in ways of shadow and light, allows you to walk more consciously in the world. If your wounded parts of self have not been brought to the light, they continue to show themselves to you and play out in the form of limiting beliefs that hold you back from truly experiencing existence the way you deserve to.
I invite you to journey with me, with guided meditations and drum journeys, supported by a sacred mandala that we create together, to discover the archetypes and spirit beings of light who support you into True Heart consciousness and wholeness.

Rest, Reconnect, Remember: An Invitation for Women of Heart

What does it mean to listen deeply to your own heart? How does it feel to move in deep connection with your own wisdom while holding yourself precious and sacred? How about honouring that which you have always known yet may have been afraid to acknowledge?

Imagine a woman who offered the same love and generosity to herself as she does the world?

You are invited to a sacred Women’s Circle and Letter Writing Workshop with Kate M Foster.

This is an opportunity to connect with your own inner wisdom while being gently guided to explore your inner landscape through meditation, reflection and letter writing.

This workshop is ideal for those who may feel shy or enjoy silence and inner work. This is an extremely safe workshop where sharing is always optional, participants need not speak or share at all. The focus is on inner reflection, insight and acknowledging the innate wisdom that already lies within your own heart. Writing is an amazing way to access your inner gifts and you will be supported to discover and connect with these gifts during this the workshop.


What to expect:

Rest while being gently guided through meditation allowing you to connect with your own body and inner wisdom.

Reconnect with truth and your unique gifts while writing a heart-full letter to yourself.

Remember the truth and brilliance of who you are now, already, in this very moment and move into the world from this place of deep connection and truth.


Rest, Reconnect, Remember:  A workshop of Profound change birthing peace, purpose and connection into the world. This is so much more than a Letter Writing Workshop. It’s an invitation to your deepest heart.



Becoming Lighthearted – Shining a light on the shadows of the heart

with Lisa Malcolm

This workshop is powerful journey into the heart.  Many of life’s hurts, disappointments and sadnesses get stored in the heart. The phrase ‘taking it to heart’ describes the process aptly.  Over time the intensity of the hurt will fade but many of the painful memories are stored away in the heart.  So, in this workshop we will be clearing out some heart hurts. The clearing of the shadows of the heart, allows the heart a far greater ability to give and receive love and experience a greater degree of lighthearted happiness.

In a very safe and nurturing space, participants are guided on an investigative journey into their own hearts. Finding and shining a light on the various crevices, caves and shadowy places their heart holds and exploring deeper into the places that they are ready to bring the light into.  These workshops are guided by pure loving energy and It is a very unique journey for each participant, though the journey generally involves relaxation and then some sort of release, expression or realisation followed by feelings of love, light and happiness.

We will also be learning about some other little known aspects of the heart, it’s ability to sense, to think, it’s role as an oracle and it’s importance as a master gland within the body’s endocrine system.  In this workshop we will also touch upon the relationship between the cranial (head) brain, the cardio (heart) brain and the intestinal (gut) brain.

We will learn the practice of smiling to your heart.

Dream Catcher workshop

The Dream Catcher is a gracious symbol that holds the intentions of positive thoughts and qualities instilled within its making by its creator. It is a sacred object that catches negative shadow and transforms it into light.

The Sacred Circle Map informs the process as we build and instil the intention into our Dream Catcher. The ring is the foundation of the whole, while the weaving is the connection with others and the adornments the heart-mind all combining to make the spirit of the whole.

Every part of the making has significance.

Each participant will have the opportunity to make a Dream Catcher.

Those who want to do this workshop are invited to bring any seed pods, sticks, embellishments etc that are meaningful to them, to add to their beautiful dreamcatcher.

Tuning in to the cycles of life

With Emma Brindal

This workshop will be an exploration of how nature’s cycles reflect the shadow and light within us, and how we can know ourselves more deeply by tuning in to these cycles and in so doing embrace our wholeness.

We will explore the wisdom of the cycles – the correspondences of the cycles of the day, the moon, our menstrual cycles, the seasons, and our lifetimes – and the deeper learnings that we can take from them.

We will work with the external energies of the time of the Being Woman gathering:  nearing the Autumn Equinox, with the balance of darkness and light that we can welcome in at that time; and the full moon energy. Women will also be invited to tune in to the prevailing energy within themselves, whether that be the moon cycle or the stage of their menstrual cycle that they are at, and how doing so can support us in knowing ourselves more deeply.

We will explore what the moon’s cycling from fullness and light to darkness and shadow can teach us, and the practice of making moon prayers/ intentions at different stages of the moon cycle:  intentions of letting go before the dark moon; what to bring in just after the new moon; and what we are bringing to fullness when the moon is full.

As we sit in circle and hear from other women, the shadow and light within each of us will be revealed and reflected. We will open to the darkness and fullness in the cycles of life, as well as in ourselves, allowing for all possibilities to be as they are, celebrating and embracing all aspects, and hence our wholeness.