Camila Caeron

Camila Caeron is from Brazil, with Spanish-Portuguese roots and last year she has become an Australia Citizenship, having lived here for seven years. She is a spiritual seeker! And after about 18 years seeking and experiencing different therapeutic practices she finally feels like she has found her true self, her life purpose and she is now fully ready to share it.

Camila has been studying dance movement therapy, Tantra and facilitating transformational shamanic workshops for the past two years. The deeper she delves into those somatic practices, the greater her passion for sharing and empowering others. That’s why she created the Ecstatic Temple in 2016.

Through the 5Elements Dance Activation journeys she offers a pathway for people to be present in the moment and embody all that is going on in their emotional, energetic and physical body; giving space to honour their unique body as a Temple and fully embraces their free forms of expression. The great world music is chosen especially to help the dancer to embody the 5 Elements, to connect with nature and engage with their energy and the collective vibration of the group, to feel joy and connect with their inner goodness, their authentic self.

Camila is passionate to guide people to follow their body threads until they meet parts of their inner nature, their truth. Her work is for those seeking opportunities for authentic expression, a space to be gently guided through comfort and discomfort, light and dark, love and fear, in a dance towards unfolding their own inner truth, towards uncovering our own hidden strengths, towards the light within. Fully opening their heart to feel full bandwidth of emotions with love, acceptance and compassion. Live a more joyful, empowered and fulfilled life.

With the Ecstatic Temple Camila has been facilitating workshops in Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast and eventually in Melbourne. As well as transformational festivals and retreats.

Ecstatic Temple

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