Bonnie Bliss

bonnie blissBonnie Bliss is a women’s Sacred Sexuality Coach, Tantra teacher and Womb Healing specialist who has trained extensively in Europe (Scandinavia).

She has been facilitating women’s groups, courses and retreats for more than 5 years and is most inspired by embodiment, connection, sacred sisterhood and traditional Tantra and yoga.

Bonnie believes that Bliss is our natural state of being and her work is about supporting women to bring that energy of Bliss into their daily lives more often.

She’s a trained Somatic Sexologist and has developed her own healing modality for women “Yoni Mapping / Womb Healing” which is a bodywork and therapy session incorporating many elements including internal vaginal release massage to release tension and blockages around sexuality, trauma, relationship or body image and open up to our highest potential.

She is passionate about supporting women to activate and explore their unique expression of feminine energy.

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