Black Pearls

By Isabela Keski-Frantti

“In Nature we find that everything strives to find its balance and maintain the equilibrium in the whole Web of Life. All life is interconnected and interdependent. In Nature we find that there is no separation, that there is not such a thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and that everything, every phenomenon has its role or purpose. And so is with us, as we tap into the natural wisdom that lies within. Like the pearls that start to form from a point of friction in the innermost part of an oyster and,  after a long process, become such exquisite natural jewels, we too have our own wounds that, when lovingly and wisely cared for, become the pearls we add to our string… Our shadow is where our black pearls are formed. Not only are they denied aspects of ourselves, but also our Divine Potential that is yet to be revealed.”

Isabela invites you to a journey that will gently immerse you into the teachings of Mother Ocean and her children. Isabela’s passion, knowledge and service to the marine life brings mystery and wonder to the sessions as the group experiences the healing qualities of dolphins, whales, turtles, seashells, and all of the exquisite sea creatures. Through connection with self, others and the Ocean we will tap into aspects that reveal our true Selves as a whole, from the surface to the deep, deep, deep… like diving into the sea, from the sunlight zone, going through the twilight and midnight, to finally reach the abyss… This will be experienced once a safe and nurturing environment is created. Isabela starts the session by gently inviting the ocean creatures as the group tunes in to the pure sound of the Sacred Crystal Bowl, Delphi, and it will then flow a guided meditation, sharing knowledge and wisdom from Nature and personal experiences based on Deep Ecology Principles, nature walks and movements, dance, chants and an art activity. As a marine educator who is also trained in Jungian Feminine Psychology and Sacred Circle Dances, Isabela makes a parallel between the Ocean and our Unconscious, activating archetypes that create the Sacred Dance of Light and Shadow in the Ocean and in our Souls…

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