Becoming Lighthearted – Shining a light on the shadows of the heart

with Lisa Malcolm

This workshop is powerful journey into the heart.  Many of life’s hurts, disappointments and sadnesses get stored in the heart. The phrase ‘taking it to heart’ describes the process aptly.  Over time the intensity of the hurt will fade but many of the painful memories are stored away in the heart.  So, in this workshop we will be clearing out some heart hurts. The clearing of the shadows of the heart, allows the heart a far greater ability to give and receive love and experience a greater degree of lighthearted happiness.

In a very safe and nurturing space, participants are guided on an investigative journey into their own hearts. Finding and shining a light on the various crevices, caves and shadowy places their heart holds and exploring deeper into the places that they are ready to bring the light into.  These workshops are guided by pure loving energy and It is a very unique journey for each participant, though the journey generally involves relaxation and then some sort of release, expression or realisation followed by feelings of love, light and happiness.

We will also be learning about some other little known aspects of the heart, it’s ability to sense, to think, it’s role as an oracle and it’s importance as a master gland within the body’s endocrine system.  In this workshop we will also touch upon the relationship between the cranial (head) brain, the cardio (heart) brain and the intestinal (gut) brain.

We will learn the practice of smiling to your heart.

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