As a visionary artist, imagery and dream facilitator I specialise in assisting others in discovering and birthing their creative conceptions and hearts dreams into being.

As a child I began painting from my imagination as a way to embody the inner language of dreaming and this has continued as an expression to connect, see and communicate from the inside out. At age 21 a conscious journey began of understanding the body-mind-soul connection and I trained in various disciplines. For 10 years I studied with the Psychosomatic Therapy College on the Gold
Coast, Australia and for 7 years ran my own practice.

For the last 6 years I have been a full time artist and throughout this time have continued my training as a natural progression and deepening in the teaching of the language of imagery and dreaming from an ancient lineage of the Kabbalah called the ‘Kabbalah of Light’. Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish mystical path which means ‘to receive.’ Through specialised guided imagery this work is a simple and very effective way to by-pass the linear analytical mind and access the sub-conscious dreaming mind for instantaneous insight, creative expansion, health and transformation through the practice of inner vision.

Dreaming Into Being Sacred Conceptions

Weaving the Women’s Way

Shamanic Yoginis Zoe and Tania combine to offer a truly sacred, creative space. They share their passion to unite in the creation of the New Dreaming on planet. Through a dynamic & gentle ceremony they will lead the group on an experiential journey into uniting the masculine and feminine. Their offering is for an embodied experience with dance, sound, ritual and art in facilitation of this union. Part of this ceremonial experience will involve the outer world of expression through movement and sound, and part will involve the inner realms through prayer, meditation and the receiving of a shamanic sound bath to close the space.

Zoe and Tanya

Shamanic Yoginis Zoe and Tanya weave their combined backgrounds of acupuncture, retreat facilitation and their experience of over 40 years in the Healing Arts, as an offering towards the Divine Feminine.

Both are Healers, Acupuncturists, Professional Art Therapists and leaders of Sacred Women’s work, mirroring parallel passions and life paths. Both Tanya & Zoe’s love and passion for embodied dance, creativity and resonant sound healing led them to combine their professional therapeutic skills with sacred women’s work, into experiential journey’s & retreats.

Their retreats ‘Weaving the Women’s Way’, ‘Awakening Shakti’, ‘Priestess Path’ and ‘Sacred Women’s Campouts’ combine therapeutic inner work with sisterhood, creativity, healing and play; allowing the full expression of one’s sacred self to emerge.

Weaving the Women’s Way

Sacred Joy in Our Cycle – from our Matrix of Creation

With Bronwyn Lakay

Following the Inner Seasons of our Cycle, we will be reconnecting and rejoicing with our journey in Womanhood.  This workshop will allow participants to delve into our matrix of creation.  We will explore the emotions and characteristics of our Inner Seasons – and how we joyfully get to partake in a fertility journey – whether  it be giving life to babies, ideas, projects, careers, hobbies and empowered women.  It is a workshop beneficial for all women – to understand where we’ve been , where we are and where we want to be.  It presents an opportunity to release old patterns, creating positive intentions and joy; knowing that it is our birth right when we embody our full femininity.

The essence of the workshop is to go through the characteristics of each of the four Seasons which relate to our moon cycles: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter correlating to the moon phases and archetypal Maiden, Mother, Enchantress/Sage & Wise Woman.  We will discuss what we get to experience through each phase of our cycle, physically and emotionally; connecting with our cycles of creation through our natural hormonal flux.  We are our own medicine… We hold the keys/ codes to Balance…  Remembering or understanding our cycles empowers us to utilise our sacred gifts, reaping deep, abundant rewards as we harness our energy at the right time for Us…Which entails and allows the Joy of our Dreams to come to fruition.

Bronwyn Lakay

Bronwyn’s journey began as a scientist, researching the brain and then she became a massage therapist in 1996.  Wanting to assist clients even more she embarked on becoming a Chiropractor.   As a “people person” she delved into more aspects of healing and for many years participated as an Associate Instructor of Reconnective Healing around the world until her daughter arrived.  Enjoying every moment of motherhood, allowed her to research and discover more ways of caring, serving and sharing with others.

 Having always loved both learning and teaching, she decided to embark on creating health and healing workshops accessible to everyone – to apply and share in our daily lives. 

We are constantly evolving and adapting, and as we learn to share what we know, we continue to grow…”

 Bronwyn continues to practise on the Gold Coast as an holistic Chiropractor, Massage Therapist – specialising in Women’s Nurturing Massage, beneficial for reproductive, fertility and digestive conditions, Healer and Workshop Facilitator.

Sacred Joy in Our Cycle – from our Matrix of Creation

Welcome Lasting Love and The Sacred Joy of Relationship

With Shannon Ichikawa

Are you really ready for something new-for Love, and are you sick of being single? How magic will it be to Welcome Lasting Love from a place of peace; from joy and possibilities for a brand-new life of flow? In some way have you closed off from Sacred Joy in or after a previous relationship, or just from too much single time? Is it time to open up again? Are there places where your energy is stuck in the past, rather than being clear, open and ready for the Future? Is it time to take a big step in the direction of Love?

In this workshop, we welcome crystal clarity on who we want in our lives and what type of relationship we want to create with this beautiful soul. We will uncover hidden challenges to being the radiant beings we are and being truly ready to take that leap with someone new.

Harnessing the group energy with all manner of awesome tools we will journey together in the depths and shallows of this subject – the search for Love! Let’s see the greatest possible Future and love for ourselves and each other in this experiential time together. Seeing and being seen is the first step into making our dreams a reality.

When we want something new to flow in, we Let Go of what is no longer necessary. Energy responds to Action so we’ll send out a powerful message of intent, then we will play and laugh in silliness and joy together as women, and open the gates to romance, love and partnership with someone wonderful … calling in the soul of Him or Her who will partner us.


Activate Your Joy through Personal Ritual and Ceremony

With Robin Clayfield

Weave together all the aspects of yourself and how you dream your life to be with focused intent. Explore the magic of ritual and ceremony as a tool for transformation and daily balance amongst an external world of busyness, duality and apparent separation. Release the past and activate your joy and delight now, strengthening and enriching your journey forward.

Personal rituals and community ceremony are powerful tools for connecting with all wisdom and particularly our own inner wisdom, healing and joy. Intention is magic. The work, purposeful and potent. Robin’s workshop will explore stories of transformation, connection and remembering through rituals and ceremony, both ancient, modern and also cultural and sub-cultural. It will unearth the treasures of each step in the process and invite you to create your own personal ritual designed for your current requirements and this year’s Being Woman theme, Weaving the New Dreaming – Remembering Sacred Joy.
Women will be invited to create their own ritual in a special place in nature using symbols of divergent or separate energies that manifest in their lives.The focus will be to bring all the elements together in wholeness and balance for themselves and for our world.

Returning to the TrueHeart – Your Sacred Self

With Heather Price

Every woman and man has a blueprint that reflects the truth of who they really are, beneath the masks they wear to survive life. The heart that holds the blueprint of truth, sacredness and possibility is called the TrueHeart. The masks that are created in order to survive are attached to and driven by what I refer to as the WoundedHeart. The TrueHeart is attached to the collective and whole soul consciousness and potential, and it is aware of, but never governed of fooled by, the WoundedHeart. On the other hand, the WoundedHeart is consumed by introspection and is self-centred, with low self-worth and limited vision.

This workshop offers the opportunity to rediscover and return to your TrueHeart and sacred self, and to create new pathways that reflect this. This truth of Self goes beyond this life, to the truth of the soul. This is an opportunity to revisit a past life where you immersed yourself into sacred joy at every opportunity. By awakening to this memory, you are opening up a portal that you can tap into and bring sacred joy into this life.

Your Experience:

  • Enjoy a shamanic drum journey to revisit a life where you experienced sacred joy and awaken this vibration in this life.
  • Explore who you are and what brings you joy, and what resists this experience.
  • Practice creative visualization to weave and create new dreams and new ways.
  • Commit to an action that will support your way forward into sacred joy.


Shannon Ichikawa

I am a woman of many loves and talents. The most expansive one at this time is supporting people to find lasting love through Transformational Personal Coaching. My studies through the Rapid Coaching Academy, and through many years as a counsellor and in my own exploration of own my inner life has convinced me of the enrichment we can bring to ourselves and the world when we really see and reach towards our highest potential. I use an exceptional tool kit to facilitate development that includes modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘Tapping’), Peace Processing, deep listening, Aikido principles, Laughter Yoga and experiential group work.

The aim of the work I do in the world is supporting people to live full, rich, joyous, healthy and happy lives and the ripple effect of Love that this has on others and the beautiful planet we call home. It is an honor to be a part of The Joining and Being Woman communities, I love being in community with people who grow consciously, and who celebrate Life and Love together!

Welcome Lasting Love and The Sacred Joy of Relationship

Karen Dickson

Karen is a Transpersonal Art Therapist and a Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork Therapist. Her focus is on women, especially their self-care and self-empowerment. Karen is passionate about health, both physical and emotional and she finds clarity and joy in journeying with others.

Her workshops and sessions are non-judgemental, safe, confidential and person-centred. Karen believes the answers are within you and are therefore unique for each person, being witnessed and heard in today’s busy world is a wonderful gift indeed.


Eco-Art Therapy: Reconnecting the Loom