First Circle

Get Your Goddess On

With Darshna Siva A sacred circle of woman coming together to connect deeply with their goddess energy, using the archetypes of the 4 Vedic goddesses Kali, Durga, Laxshmi and Saraswati we will get our goddess energy bubbling with creativity. It is through these empowering archetypes we will reclaim our sacred selves and power to understand …

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Darshna Siva

Darshna has a passion for creating sacred circles in which people can journey deep to reconnect with aspects of themselves that leave an empowering impact. Darshna is a yoga teacher, intuitive healer and a channel. Using the gifts from her different traditions Darshna opens up space to allow each person to have their own experience …

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Deep and Wild

The Sacred Joy of Feminine Embodiment presented by Christine Clegg A morning practice of devotion to dance our most heartfelt truth, as revealed to us, by the temple of our soul, our body.   An invitation to be guided through a process of freeing energy within the body, entraining the mind upon deeper sensations, and allowing …

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Christine Clegg

Christine is a woman who loves to explore. As a child she could be found, sitting in the garden, amid her beloved circle of plants, secretly questing for communion with the invisible, knowing that there was more to existence than people acknowledged. Things she planted grew, and her dreams stayed hidden. Then she began to …

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Nelly and Betsy

Betsy Walking the Shamanic path has filled my life with gratitude and appreciation for the natural world and the spiritual energy that flows. Taking this path has brought joy, creative energy and balance into my life, giving me the drive to share what I have learnt and experienced, so that others may benefit. I am …

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