Get Your Goddess On

With Darshna Siva

A sacred circle of woman coming together to connect deeply with their goddess energy, using the archetypes of the 4 Vedic goddesses Kali, Durga, Laxshmi and Saraswati we will get our goddess energy bubbling with creativity.

It is through these empowering archetypes we will reclaim our sacred selves and power to understand how we are creators, with each one there are distinct characteristics that we can connect to, as well as chants to help shift into the energy of their power.

Kali is the mother of destruction; she mirrors Shiva in the feminine form and has the power to dissolve/destroy our limitations and disempowerment. She cuts through the cords of energy that hold us in lack or fear.

Durga is the mother who is the fierce protector; she will ignite the spirit of the great mother within us reminding us, of the role we play as protectors and nurtures of all that is within us and around us.

Laxshmi is the mother of beauty, grace and abundance filling us with the joy that we can find within the luxury of the gifts we carry with us at all times. She is a reminder to look at the simple blessings with gratitude and grace, to remember the abundance we have within and around us and; to give gratitude for all the beauty and grace that is this planet whose weave we are a part of.

Finally Saraswati is the mother of the Arts and Wisdom, we conclude with bringing together all that we have learnt about ourselves to create a deeper understanding of who we really are. With Saraswati there is the wisdom of the many teachings that are embodied and lived daily.

As we work through each of the energies there is a shedding and a seeding of new understanding, belonging and wisdom growing deep from the new shoots of our awareness.

Darshna Siva

Darshna has a passion for creating sacred circles in which people can journey deep to reconnect with aspects of themselves that leave an empowering impact. Darshna is a yoga teacher, intuitive healer and a channel. Using the gifts from her different traditions Darshna opens up space to allow each person to have their own experience in a safe and empowering way, always respectful of the enegies and the space in which she is working within.

Darshna’s passion is humanity in all its forms and colours, she truly believes that if each one of us is in balance and empowered within our true nature, we can make a huge difference within the universe we live in; Darshna has worked with a wide variety of communities, including working whilst traveling board and understands the common bond amongst us all is return to our authentic nature, connect in community and to be loved unconditionally, using these foundations she opens up space so others may also experience these seeds of wisdom.

Get Your Goddess On

Deep and Wild

The Sacred Joy of Feminine Embodiment presented by Christine Clegg

A morning practice of devotion to dance our most heartfelt truth, as revealed to us, by the temple of our soul, our body.   An invitation to be guided through a process of freeing energy within the body, entraining the mind upon deeper sensations, and allowing whatever is within, expression without.   From this place we can then invite and cultivate new possibilities for being.

We will enter the temple, through the delight of our external senses, and allow ourselves to relax into journeying deep within, to have an experience of awareness through our internal felt senses, and to allow that expression through our bodies and voices.

A guided movement and meditation practice, which allows you to let go of your mind, and let your body lead.  Letting her move you, allow you to change you from within, and show you the way to experience, that which your heart most desires.

Women of all levels of fitness and body awareness are welcome.  We will create sacred space together, do some womanly stretching and warming up, link our breath with our movement, and find ways to move which feel good in our bodies.   Our movements will be guided by our inner experience, so each woman’s practice will be suited to her body and feeling.   We will take some time in stillness to conclude and integrate the practice.

The practice will be a journey, as deep and wild as you dare.

I look forward to meeting you there.

Christine Clegg

Christine is a woman who loves to explore.

As a child she could be found, sitting in the garden, amid her beloved circle of plants, secretly questing for communion with the invisible, knowing that there was more to existence than people acknowledged. Things she planted grew, and her dreams stayed hidden.

Then she began to explore. Many worlds, within and without. As a traveller, a scientist, a seeker, a musician, mother, music teacher, yoga teacher, holder of ceremonial space, but most potently, simply as a woman feeling her way.

One day, whilst exploring joy and devotion in her yoga practice, she found herself dancing on, and then off, the mat, to follow a calling to explore the embodiment of truth and transformation through dance. Having been greatly inspired and transformed by this exploration, she is delighted to discover herself as part of a growing and diverse movement of people, who are devotedly dancing themselves open to deeper connections, and into grounded, radiant well-being.

Presently working as a musician and yoga teacher, she also co-facilitates women’s new moon circles, dance explorations, and ceremonies for personal transformation.

She has a passion for holding space for people to experience the pleasure and potency of their own energy, and to gain awareness of, and find connection with spirit, and their own, authentic, personal truth.

Nelly and Betsy


Walking the Shamanic path has filled my life with gratitude and appreciation for the natural world and the spiritual energy that flows. Taking this path has brought joy, creative energy and balance into my life, giving me the drive to share what I have learnt and experienced, so that others may benefit.

I am a grandmother, Shamanic healer, counsellor, teacher, writer and artist. I love to inspire and be inspired. I love to create. I love to learn and share with others. I love to create sacred space and support others in their journey.



Through various explorations and learnings, my journey has taken me to the path of the HeARTist, of simply connecting with Joy, and helping others reconnect with their Magical Inner Child.  Passionate about the women’s journey, and how women can reclaim their own personal power, my offerings comprise reiki, laughter yoga, circles facilitation and intuitive painting.

I believe that each and one of us has wonderful unique gifts to offer.  My aim is to help others transform their perception and bring joy and abundance into their life.


A Sacred Tool for Weaving the Dream

A Sacred Tool for Weaving the Dream

With Nelly and Betsy

“Talking Stick remind me

Of each Sacred Point of View,

Complete within the Circle

Of the Scared Hoop.”

(Jamie Sams)


When women gather in circles, powerful medicine takes place.

In this workshop Nelly and Betsy will combine their Shamanic and Creative talents to create a sacred space filled with joy and creation. Women will create their own Sacred Tool infused with the intention and energy of weaving a new dreaming and reconnecting with their Sacred Joy.

Nelly’s Yogic laughter will infuse the space with the joy of releasing tension; inviting joy, calm and relaxation, into the right side of the brain to ready the group for creation.

Participants will journey around the Sacred Circle of Whole Consciousness to prepare them for the creation of their Talking or Message Stick.

The Talking or Message Sticks are powerful symbols to be made with the clear intention of holding all that is positive, and all that is supportive for the maker’s desire to be the best they can be. It is a tool for bringing these intentions to gatherings, conversations and meetings; bringing balance, harmony and balanced power.  The intention set prior to making the Talking Stick and the materials used bring powerful medicine to its owner and make it a wonderful object for circles, gatherings and Ceremony.

All the materials will be supplied. However, due to time limitations, Betsy will collect sticks for the making, in the Shamanic way, so that yours can choose you from the selection. If participants wish to bring their own stick, this will be fantastic too!

Weaving the New Dream through Constellations

With Chirone Shakti

Love is our natural state, yet in our early years, our experience of our own family dynamics often distorts the expression of love. This can affect us deeply, and then shows up in our adult lives in many different ways, especially in our relationships. Constellations work is an extraordinary healing modality, a way to disentangle these threads and allow love to flow freely again.

This experiential workshop offers you the opportunity to disentangle some of the threads in your own life, allowing you to weave a new dream, a new way of being. There will be opportunities to work on different aspects of relationships, as well as clearing anything that is preventing you from being your shining self, and living your life in sacred joy. 

Dreaming Into Being Sacred Conceptions

With Asaya

An invitation to journey into the ancient feminine language of imagery and dreaming, that which is our birth right as an intrinsic source of inner truth, creativity and life affirming essence. Through specialized guided imagery and waking dream work we will journey into opening, clearing and seeing within so that we can touch our creative source, hearts desires and dreams that are ripe at this time to be conceived and dreamed into being as sacred creations from the inside out.