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As a visionary artist, imagery and dream facilitator I specialise in assisting others in discovering and birthing their creative conceptions and hearts dreams into being.

As a child I began painting from my imagination as a way to embody the inner language of dreaming and this has continued as an expression to connect, see and communicate from the inside out. At age 21 a conscious journey began of understanding the body-mind-soul connection and I trained in various disciplines. For 10 years I studied with the Psychosomatic Therapy College on the Gold
Coast, Australia and for 7 years ran my own practice.

For the last 6 years I have been a full time artist and throughout this time have continued my training as a natural progression and deepening in the teaching of the language of imagery and dreaming from an ancient lineage of the Kabbalah called the ‘Kabbalah of Light’. Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish mystical path which means ‘to receive.’ Through specialised guided imagery this work is a simple and very effective way to by-pass the linear analytical mind and access the sub-conscious dreaming mind for instantaneous insight, creative expansion, health and transformation through the practice of inner vision.

Dreaming Into Being Sacred Conceptions

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