An Archetypal Dance of Light and Shadow

with Heather Price

Reclaimisacred circleng Your True Self Through Understanding the Archetypes that govern your existence in both positive and limiting ways.

This workshop looks at the symbolic roles, or archetypes, that we step into when we come from our Wounded Heart consciousness. Some of these archetypes can be ancestral, others may even be still playing out from past lives. In this workshop we look at some of the typical
archetypes that have been identified as universal, and perhaps familial or ancestral, and search out the positive archetypes that will expand our consciousness and bring us into the light, and into wholeness. Wholeness embraces all parts of self, those that are wounded, and those that are more conscious and governed by high soul wisdom. Identifying the archetypes that you unconsciously play out, in ways of shadow and light, allows you to walk more consciously in the world. If your wounded parts of self have not been brought to the light, they continue to show themselves to you and play out in the form of limiting beliefs that hold you back from truly experiencing existence the way you deserve to.
I invite you to journey with me, with guided meditations and drum journeys, supported by a sacred mandala that we create together, to discover the archetypes and spirit beings of light who support you into True Heart consciousness and wholeness.

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