Ancestral Face and Body Art

with Angel Randall

face art?????????The Ancestral Face and Body Art workshop uses the collective intuition of those participating in a collaborative fashion to apply body paint to each woman.

Your face becomes the group’s canvas. The Painting styles are based on each woman’s ancestry as intuited by the other participants. This may be a past life or your actual known family heritage from this current life.

Alternatively, you may also request a specific painting style to support/reflect a relevant issue you are working through, ie. If it has come to your awareness that you are running a ‘victim’ program or mindset, you may ask to be painted as an Amazon Warrior Queen. If you struggle with accepting your dark side you may suggest a yin/yang inspired design or dive right in with a black witch . If there is a symbol of deep meaning to you, you may also ask the women to incorporate it in your mask.

In much the same way as a child whose face has been painted as spiderman or a faery princess, wearing a ‘mask’ can have a huge emotional effect and give us the ‘permission’ to embrace a hidden archetype. This is a very unique form of ‘art therapy’.

I ask you to ‘remember’ on behalf of each other the many places we have come from. ‘Surrender’ comes in the form of trusting the other women with transforming your image, and finally, when you see yourself transformed, the opportunity exists for ‘Embracing’ a new archetype or perspective based on who you feel you are allowed to be in this mask.

The washing off of the ancestral mask is a very personal process. One may chose to simply shower and let the mask melt away with the water. One may also have a more careful and deliberate method of removing with a cloth, one section at a time.

It is also not uncommon for your inner child to want to go to bed in it and never wash it off!


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