Aditya Moon

Aditya moonAditya Moon has had a hunger for universal truth that has motivated her decision making process for the majority of her life. This hunger has opened many doorways for the mystical, bizarre, miraculous and profound experiences to enter.  Experiences that have deepened her faith in the definition of what love is and what being that human expression unconditionally feels like.

Aditya has walked the challenging and liberating path of Turtle Woman and was given the name Goobellyah, the Morning Star by an elder on her vision quest around Australia several years ago.  Aditya has participated in many rituals and ceremony from the ancient to that embracing the new dreaming and as such accepts the twists in the labyrinth of life that only the eagle’s view can comprehend and appreciate. Aditya feels she is here to share the simplicity of living as a vibrational expression that embraces Star People wisdom without censorship as this wisdom is known to illuminate and go beyond the limitation imposed by our conscious and subconscious mind, culture, religion and society. Each Journey of Unconditional LOVE is transformative.

Aditya is a student of the Red Tent currently studying to become a recognised Mentor for Young Women. For many years she was a student and personal assistant to Isira, an Awakened Being recognised by the Dalai Lama here in Australia; as well as a devotee of Krishna; a student at the College of Psychic Studies in the UK and has spoken at several Spiritualist Churches in England.  Aditya has guided women’s circles, First Blood Ceremonies for Young Girls, Energetic Vibrational Cleansing on country;  been a catalyst of change in Government Departments and held private retreats and vision quests for those seeking her.  Aditya plays didjeridu intuitively and has two very unique and amazing wooden instruments of creation in her care.

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