Activate Your Joy through Personal Ritual and Ceremony

With Robin Clayfield

Weave together all the aspects of yourself and how you dream your life to be with focused intent. Explore the magic of ritual and ceremony as a tool for transformation and daily balance amongst an external world of busyness, duality and apparent separation. Release the past and activate your joy and delight now, strengthening and enriching your journey forward.

Personal rituals and community ceremony are powerful tools for connecting with all wisdom and particularly our own inner wisdom, healing and joy. Intention is magic. The work, purposeful and potent. Robin’s workshop will explore stories of transformation, connection and remembering through rituals and ceremony, both ancient, modern and also cultural and sub-cultural. It will unearth the treasures of each step in the process and invite you to create your own personal ritual designed for your current requirements and this year’s Being Woman theme, Weaving the New Dreaming – Remembering Sacred Joy.
Women will be invited to create their own ritual in a special place in nature using symbols of divergent or separate energies that manifest in their lives.The focus will be to bring all the elements together in wholeness and balance for themselves and for our world.

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