A Journey of Unconditional L.O.V.E.

flywith Aditya Moon

Living Our Vibrational Expression.  Scientific studies now support that we are energetic, vibrational beings individually expressing ourselves through our sensual human forms.  This shamanic journey enables you to bathe in your own vibrational expression using unique and traditional sounds of the didjeridu, song and ritual.  How one becomes many and many become one. Are you ready to journey the transformational, liberating power of star people dreaming?  Come.  Be present.

Sacred Smoke Ceremony – Depending on numbers, either be fanned as you enter, and then choose a place in the circle OR sit in a circle first and a smudge is passed around.

The Invitation – Here I share my foundation belief and touch on the scientific studies that support it. I also state what my intent is for group and offer an invitation for you to openly surrender to this experience. This provides clarity of what I offer to those attending, and sets a foundation intent for group.

The Journey: This generates many Aha moments and is not in any set order but includes:

Engagements: Activities that safely engage you in group settings to sense what your vibrational expression is in alignment with. Discover how to recognise the voice of your intuitive self and feel into your own unique presence to experience it directly and indirectly. These are fun, revealing and of course engaging.

Personal and Indigenous Story Sharing from the New Dreaming.

Didjeridu Meditation / Song to Soul

Closing Ceremony – Summary, Acknowledgments, Blessing.

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