Holly Wodetzki

Holly WodetzkiHolly Wodetzki, founder of Sacred & Devotional Erotic Dance in Brisbane, is a woman deeply passionate about women’s embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She offers spaces, profound teachings and effective practices for women to have a direct experience of the Goddess dwelling within and inseparable from them.

Holly has been actively engaged in left & right-hand tantric yoga and meditation for over 10 years, but came to a radical turning point in her life in 2010 when she was introduced to the notion of a ‘feminine spiritual practice’. Where previously she had been practicing solo, rigid, static and disciplined yoga & meditation, she realised experientially under the guidance of Mystical Dance teacher, Monika Nataraj, that everything she had attained spiritually could also be accessed through dance and devotion, and that is was much easier because it was more natural for a woman.
After six months of dancing daily and falling deeply in love with its beauty and the way it nourished her being, Holly felt the pulse and flow of the feminine awakening within her heart and beginning to express sensually and gracefully through her body. Such amazement was there in light of the transformational power of dance for a woman that she felt overwhelmingly inspired to tell, share and dance with all the women she knew.

Since then dance has more or less consumed her life and opened many doors. Holly met her Odissi temple dance Guru Saroj Dehury in India in 2011 and was incredibly inspired by the tradition and arts of the ancient Deva Dasi temple dancers, and she’s had the opportunity to attend workshops with many inspiring women worldwide, each of whom has inspired and bought another facet of the feminine nature to life.

Sacred & Devotional Erotic Dance classes, course and workshops have been offer in Brisbane since 2012 and have provide the teachings, practices and space for hundreds of women to experience profound insight into their sacred femininity, experiential inner shifts and transformation in their daily life.

Holly also cherishes and encourages creative expression in every aspect of her life, passionately believing in the perspective that each person’s life is their artwork. Whatever may appear, it is an opportunity to express with love their unique masterpiece, as moment to moment their creation is unfolding.

Holly feels immensely blessed for the richness of her life so far and all the beloved teachers, teachings, and people she has had the opportunity and pleasure to connect with. She wholeheartedly hopes to offer back to the world and share with others, the same joy and wisdom it shares with her. She believes in the power of dance with all her heart, and prays her experience and offering of Sacred Dance in classes, courses and workshops will also enrich and enliven the hearts of women everywhere to reclaim and embody more kindness and love within and on this planet, for the benefit of all beings.



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