Walk Strongly in Joy, with your Ancestors

with Heather Price

beach walkDuring “Walk Strongly in Joy, with your Ancestors” you will experience a powerful shamanic technology called TTT – which stands for Track, Travel back in time – to transform energetic imprints that are no longer serving you, handed down to you from the Ancient Ones.

If you feel you are ready to step into your True-Heart-Nature and be living, loving, and leading in a spirited way, unencumbered by limiting and false beliefs, and empowered in your True Heart Nature, then this is the workshop for you.

You will be taken through a shamanic process where you will meet both:

  • the ancestors who handed down unfinished in the form of limiting beliefs and baffling behaviours, and,
  • the ancestors who walked strongly with an open heart who you call in to inspire you and help wake you up to your True Heart Nature – in order to walk in a spirited way.

Heather will take you through a process where you can shed the burdens, oaths, masks, and shields you wear that may have served your in another time or place.  This is an interactive process with your ancestors, and with the other women in the group.

You will complete the workshop with a clear vision for transformation and change, embracing the way you choose to ‘consciously’ walk now.



Moon Medicine Dance

with Rosie Waters

Moon danceTraditionally, in many cultures women retreated during their Moontime in order to connect with their Ancestors and their inner wisdom.  The power of this deep receptive space brought healing to the whole community.

In our contemporary culture it is rare for women to take this space and time.  In order to create the space to honour Moontime it is important to use the resources available within the whole menstrual cycle to meet the demands of life.  At the most basic level, that means making subtle, or major, changes to the way we live so that we are more productive when our energies are high and that we rest, rejuvenate, and receive when they are at their lowest (around Moontime).  There are also particular strengths within each phase of our cycles that can be used to increase our effectiveness.

In this ‘Moon Medicine Dance’ workshop we will explore how the energies of the menstrual cycle change throughout the month.  We will work with it as a Medicine Wheel using primarily dance/movement to embody the different energies.


Spirit of Woman

with Annie Meredith

Divine-Feminine-softnessAs women, we are molded by our genetic inheritance, our biological underpinning, our culture and our early environment. Each factor plays a role in determining our destiny.

When we align with the vital primary forces of life that drive our psychology, values, moods, behaviour, thoughts, emotions, interests and physical functioning we become the women that nature intended us to be: magnetic, articulate, intuitive, feeling, healing, compassionately compelled to seek quality connection with those in our intimate circle and consciously carrying the baton of life force energy through to the next generation. In listening to the whisperings of our own truth, we tap into the immense power surge that accompanies acknowledging our feminine core.

Male and female brains are hard-wired to process the inner and outer world very differently. For three thousand years mainstream society has been structured to express masculine values, creating an overriding patriarchal theme.

In reclaiming our feminine intelligence, we reshape our lives by tapping into this powerfully embedded resource, which is largely ignored in today’s masculine hierarchical world-view.

When, as women, we are true to our essential being we step into our power and access the wisdom of the ancient female lineage that is as deep as time itself. From this position we can effectively shape the world around us, and that of the generations to come.

Developed to assist women to easily and gracefully heal and come into their power, Spirit of Woman Australian Wildflower Essences help us to access this Goddess energy, the ancestral female lineage imprinted into female biological design, to tap into the undulating rhythm that is our essential feminine nature.