Annie Meredith

annie meredithWorking at the cutting-edge of Mind-Body Medicine for 35 years as a lecturer, practitioner and author, Annie Meredith has long celebrated the Divine Feminine in her extensive life’s work.

Annie’s first book The Essence of Woman, assists women to get in touch with their ancient feminine lineage, by understanding and accessing the inherent strength and power inscipted into their biological design.

Her second book, The Spirit of Woman, describes the Spirit of Woman Flower Essence range she developed to provide practical, emotional & spiritual tools for women to use in their everyday lives to enhance their journey to consciousness and self-empowerment.

When we honour, nurture and align with our sacred feminine essence we attain the fullest expression of empowerment built into feminine biological design, and we access energy from an ancient lineage, as deep as time itself, designed to further the evolution of the human race. Through this alignment we fulfill humanity’s highest potential, our children are blessed and our planet thrives.

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Essence of Woman and the Divine Feminine

spirit of womanwith Annie Meredith and Tanya Quodd

In this informative and experiential Spirit of Woman mini-workshop we explore how the Divine Feminine, biologically enscripted into every cell of female bodies, not only directs physical functioning, but, as the underlying driver of our thoughts, values, attitudes and ways of being, determines the quality of our relationship with self, significant others, community and the greater world. Moreover, by embracing Divine Feminine principles, both men and women alike can return to the heart and peaceful reunion with Gaia our Mother.