Nia Dance

Taryn Pallisterwith Taryn Pallister

Nia invokes awareness of one’s movement patterns and stories which are held in the body. It supports surrender and embrace of who we are through tuning into the voice of the body and the wisdom it holds.

The body holds our stories. It holds our wisdom and also our wounds. As we move our bodies, we move our ancient stories and have the opportunity to acknowledge, transform and transcend. Nia brings awareness and choice to how you are holding yourself, your movement habits and patterns which carry you through life.

Nia celebrates uniqueness, and invites us to express ourselves in fun and powerful ways. Fusing dance, martial arts and healing arts it takes you on a journey to wake up bodily sensations as well as the sensation of being You and gently encourages you to release all of you without judgement – the light and the dark – so you feel connected and whole.

Nia is adaptable for all bodies, ages and fitness levels. Barefoot, one hour class to funky global beats.

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