First Circle 2019

Meet First Circle 2019

Imke, Camila, Kyrona, Martina, Claire, Paula



Hi!  My name is Imke, my home country is The Netherlands but I’ve been living in Australia since 2011.
I’m married to Thomas and we have two little ones, Sam (2yrs) and Rose (5yrs).

At the time of my first Being Woman Gathering, my eldest was nearly 1 yr old and it was my first time away for 3 nights since she was born and it felt incredible to have space and time for myself. It was very special to feel the support and love from other Sisters around me. A true blessing to feel such a deep sense of belonging and I was able to connect with myself and others on a deeper level.

One gathering I was even FULLY pregnant of my 2nd child and was worried to give birth during that gathering and wasn’t sure it was a good idea to be there in my situation…

But the opposite was true ‘Dancing, sharing and Celebrating with my Sisters’, was such an incredible experience, best place to be while being pregnant 😊

Every gathering we have an opening and closing ceremony guided by our beautiful Elders who share lots of wisdom with us, which is my favourite part of the gathering and those ceremonies inspires me a lot.

Ever since that first gathering I’ve been going every year and every gathering it different brings something very essential to me. I’ve learnt to love myself more and more, which has brought me closer and closer to my true self!

Hope to see you @Being Woman 2019! 😊



Camila Caeron, creatrix of the ECSTATIC TEMPLE, is a spiritual seeker since her early 20’s, once she lost her Dad by Cancer.

She is truly passionate about all sorts of spiritual and somatic embodiment practices that bring one always back to the present moment, to the aliveness and wisdom of the body through awakening feelings and sensations while giving the mind a little break. On her healing journey Camila has been using her own body as a lab and has been undertaking a lot of different coaching and trainings. An important milestone happened in 2012 when she attended her first only woman gathering in Mornington Peninsula (VIC) called 7 sisters festival. She felt the call of the Shakti awakening and big shifts started happening in her life until a couple of years later Camila felt the readiness to start helping others to liberating themselves from certain life traumas and take responsibility to design a future that is more aligned with their heart and highest-self purpose. She found dance is her medicine and from there more embodiment practices organically came.

Camila has already attended and facilitated “Shakti Activation Dance” workshops twice at the Being Woman gathering. This year it felt really natural to step up to the First Circle and be more involved behind the scenes to give back to this community of inspiring sisters, aunties and elders some of the abundance of what we exchange in those gatherings. There is so much connection and transformation beyond words can express, and my heart feels really grateful for the opportunity of spending quality time with those women, doing what I love!



I only discovered the Being Woman gathering this year in 2018. I felt like I had come home, that I had found a tribe of women where I felt held, supported and loved. My feet and heart (not my head) led to me to step up to being part of the First Circle for 2019 and I am honoured to be walking this path with my fellow First Circle sisters.

I am very blessed to live in nature on the Southern Gold Coast, where I gain most of my strength and sense of spirit. I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister! My profession is in social welfare, working for a non-for-profit called Aunties and Uncles, who find mentors for vulnerable and socially isolated children.

I have a varied spiritual practice and have “dipped” into many different modalities (including aura-soma, breath work and kahuna massage) and actively ensure that I spend time meditating, connecting to the earth and spirit and spend time in circle with other beautiful souls.

I look forward to meeting all of you gorgeous souls at the 2019 Being Woman gathering!



2018 was my first Being Woman experience & what a brilliant journey it was for me.  I was strongly called to attend this event from the moment I saw a Facebook post about it, and true to form for me – despite my fears and the many concerns that first arose at the concept, I quickly took a leap of faith and purchased my ticket! 

The reason I did this so quickly was that I had been putting out a call to the universe, a call to find and develop deep, vulnerable, heart based, joyful, nourishing relationships with women in my community!  And this event looked like a great place to start… every cell of my being leapt for joy and gave a big YES the moment I came across it! 

Honestly attending the 2018 event has been one of the best choices I have ever made!  I was so deeply moved by the entire experience, the lease on life it gave me, by the transformation I saw occurring, by the joyful interactions, the feeling of being part of a tribe that I really belonged to, that got me, that I got…  that I was also strongly called to step into first circle and give back, to encourage others like me to have the gift of this community.” Kyrona

Kyrona is a leader in the field of cosmic consciousness and conscious evolution.  She is a globally renowned Star Priestess, Master Healer, Teacher, Creatrix, Author, Speaker, Radio Host and the Channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language.  She has been sharing her wisdoms and weaving her unique frequencies, keys and codes with ‘awakened souls and healers’ from around the world for over 18 years!   She is passionate about supporting people to raise their frequency and transform their lives – so that they can fully step into their destiny & purpose and realise their souls highest calling!

Kyrona is the Anchor, Founder & Principal of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light. High Star Priestess and Anchor of its Star Temple known as “The Celestial Temple” which is a multi-dimensional energy field wrapped around out Earth/Sky.  She is a pioneer of ‘Divine Blueprint Star Temple Technology’, facilitating life changing Ceremonies and Revolutionary Online Workshops that introduce the concept of “Oneness Astrology” to the world and initiate Star Priestesses/Priests through profound levels of DNA Light Code Activation.

Kyrona has a rich, joyful, inspired and busy life.  She walks her talk and has had 50 years of diverse, often extra-ordinary, not always easy, real-world life experience behind her.  Combine this with her unique perspective, wisdoms and magical gifts it’s not surprising that she deeply connects with and inspires all she encounters.

Kyrona has been married to her soul-mate Darryn for over 10 years and they have a family including 6 children (aged 28 to 9) only the youngest Sheannah still at home, 2 grand-daughters and 2 cats!  In her spare time Kyrona loves to be engulfed by nature, to sit on top of mountains, beside rivers or on beaches, she loves food and a good red wine, she enjoys participating in Women’s Gatherings and is an inspired activist for causes related to protecting the environment, seeking equality and maintaining human rights!