Christine Clegg

Christine CleggI feel my connection to this earth deeply.  Blessed with an awareness of spirit, for all of this life that I can remember.  I believe strongly that every woman can access the wisdom deep within her, and cultivate an awareness of spirit in this life.

I first came to Being Woman 4 years ago. Since then, with the support and encouragement of Robin Clayfield, Heather Price, and many other wonderful women, we have met in a women’s circle on the new moon, which has deeply nourished and connected us all.

My journey with yoga started over 20 years ago, and I have been practicing and teaching Radiant Light Yoga for 5 years.  I found yoga to be a powerful tool for transformation, which at one time lifted me out of serious depression and chronic illness.   My practice keeps me in balance and good health.  I am deeply grateful for it, and for the lineage of teachers who shared it with me.

I look forward to the opportunity to share something of these delights of my life with you – Christine Clegg.



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