Balancing Dark and Light

with Annie Meredith and Tanya Quodd

Authenticity through Embodying the Divine Feminine with Spirit of Woman and Women’s Temple

In this informative and experiential Spirit of Woman/Women’s Temple workshop we explore authenticity and realness as a way to becoming wholly who we really are.

We do this by asking ourselves why we need to keep ourselves small to stay safe and by befriending the fear and vulnerability held in our bodies that holds us back. In unmasking our deepest fears in a safe and trusting environment, we make available for our enrichment the vast pool of energy that otherwise holds, restricts and limits our choices in life.

The values biologically embedded into the female BodyMind are compassion, connection, desire for peaceful co-existence and conservation of the planet.

Alongside these underpinning values are emotional expressions that characterize female biology: fear of being alone, fear of abandonment, fear of deprivation and fear of harm. There is ample neuro-psycho-immunological scientific research that demonstrates that women, whose energetic feminine polarity is located deep in the uterus, feel the emotion of fear much more deeply and more frequently than our gender opposite men. These feelings are imprinted onto a woman’s biology by Nature because she carries the child, the baton of evolution for the next generation, in her body and is the primary carer for the child until that child can fend for herself. She needs to ensure the child’s survival and therefore her body system is hyper-attuned to any risks in the environment that will reduce her effectiveness in rearing a child to adulthood.

Moreover, for the last three thousand years, women have been living under a dominant patriarchal rule whose values of competition, logical and analytical thinking, boundary containment and singularity have subsumed the values that underpin the Divine Feminine. As a consequence, many women over this time have felt alienated or out of step with mainstream thinking because the biological drum that they resonate to is so totally different to that which prevails in the world around them. For many, this has caused a suppression of their own natural way of being and caused them to take on a persona (a mask) to fit in with the ‘normal’ (ie Divine Masculine) values of mainstream thinking. The free expression of emotion, which as energy-in-motion, portrays who we really are, has been cast into the Shadow aspect of our being and a filter applied to allow only acceptable emotions to be given airplay.

Fear and vulnerability are energetically submerged and hidden emotions by their very nature. And in a culture that denies fear, it is more than often cast into the Shadow self – that aspect of us that we choose not to own, in our efforts to slip stream through life as likeable and acceptable human beings, and seemingly walking a path to success and happiness.

As women of the New Earth consciousness we are asked to come out of the head and into the heart, to simply be ourselves by listening to the whisperings of our own deeply embedded emotional intelligence and spiritual wisdom and to embrace our Shadow, particularly our fear and vulnerability. In so doing, we unmask ourselves and release the frozen energy that holds us back and limits us. In this state of transparency we begin to ‘see’ others compassionately from a place of feeling ‘at home’ in our bodies. The sense of deep empowerment that comes from being authentic arises because the heart-centred consciousness is already a part of our biological, mental, emotional and spiritual make-up. The problem has been that we have been in denial and simply dis-owning it.

In this workshop, Annie and Tanya will be encouraging women to feel their fear and vulnerability and unmask it in a safe environment to reveal its power to change and move. Also to free the old constraints that arose from being in the Shadow of the ‘old used-by date’ masculine paradigm and come into the Light. We will explore the realms of non-sexual touch and wordless presence to reconnect women to the joy of holding the space for another and sensing the deep self-satisfaction that arises from this practice from a space of trust and mutual recognition.

In this workshop we will also be exploring a number of Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences and Blends, beautiful natural medicines that carry the magnetic feminine energy that resonates with the embedded feminine psyche. These vibrational tools, gifts from the Mother Gaia herself, were developed to resonate with women’s inner emotional intelligence, assisting them to heal the wound of suppression of their natural state of being and to move forward unmasked, to express their highest potential.

The essence blends and spray mists, based on the underpinnings described in my first book ‘The Essence of Women’, plot a woman’s life, from cradle to grave, supporting her each step along the way with high energy healing frequencies.

Through the medium of these gifts from Goddess Gaia, along with our deep connection to our own inner truths we can indeed, as women, gain the Wholeness that comes from transforming Shadow into Light.

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